Saturday, November 20, 2010

Final Tailcoat Mockup

One cuff jauntily turned back
Here she is, finally! The final tailcoat mockup. For this mockup, instead of muslin I used a mid-weight washed canvas for the body and sleeves, which is closer to my final fabric.

I'm fairly happy with how it's turning out - the body has a pretty good fit, I got the front and back tails to be the same length finally, and I'm even a little surprised with how nice the collar looks. The final coat feels within reach!

We took the pictures after Chris got home late after work, so there's no head and just a modern shirt. ;)


  1. I kind of hate the way Blogger arranges pictures! It's really hard to to format properly. :(

  2. Looks fabulous!
    Is it weird that I actually want to tackle another coat after watching your progress? It's really inspiring, and really wonderful you're sharing your step by step info with everyone!
    I totally agree about format. I get so irritated with it sometimes! I sometimes make my photos small, put them where I want them, and then make them the size I really want. That's the only thing I could figure out. :o

  3. Since I'm going crazy with this right now, I think you're nuts to do another one! ;) But I'm sure that each one will get easier - I'm looking forward to sewing the next version more than this one!

    Thanks for the photo tip - I'll try that. Formatting one photo isn't bad, but if I have more than a couple they won't go in the right place!

  4. What a wonderful blog! It's very exciting to follow the progress and I love all the details.

  5. Thank you! And if you have any constructive criticisms, please share - I'd value input from you wonderful costumers!