Thursday, January 13, 2011

W is for Waistcoat

I wasn't joking when I said things were going to slow down around here, was I? :) I've been working away, finishing up all the little odds and ends like buttons, hems, etc., and finishing my gown. I've posted about my dress on my new all-purpose blog, V is for Vintage - so if you're interested, please check it out over there!

A couple nights ago I had Chris put on the whole outfit as a first "dress rehearsal". Remember how I was talking about trousers a couple months ago? They're about halfway finished, and we fit them, but he was feeling a little nervous about wearing them. It's a lot of costume to try out all at once, which I completely understand. We decided that instead of him wearing the new trousers, he'll wear some cream high-waisted 1930's style pants he already has - they're fly-front, and the legs are fairly wide, but so what. (kinda funny that he'll be more comfortable in those kooky pants instead of the other kooky pants, but that's how it is. :)

Now that I'm off the hook for his trousers (for now), I think I have time to slap together a waistcoat. It'll be mostly hidden under his coat and I'm just using random fabric from the stash, so I'm just cutting into it without fitting it first. Funny enough, the only appropriate fabric in my stash was the leftover cream wool from abovementioned 1930's pants, so he will be well-coordinated!

Like the shirt and trousers, I'm using the waistcoat pattern from Kannik's Korner. Once I get all three sewn up, I'll be curious to see how well they all fit together (do the top of the trousers meet the bottom of the waistcoat, etc.)

I'm making View C1. Because that's the most dashing.

During the "dress rehearsal", I had him put on a vest from his closet , and I marked where the front of the tailcoat hit. We both decided that his waistcoast shouldn't be too long (not more than an inch or two longer than the front of his tailcoat), and comparing the pattern to the vest, it will be shorter than the tailcoat. That's fine, so we're leaving it alone. Quick and dirty!

Don't forget to account for seam allowance
if you compare a pattern to a garment!


  1. Fair's fair. I am going to use your blog to help create my tailcoat. Here is my livejournal on making the KK waistcoat. Good luck!

  2. ooh, thanks for posting! Your blog looks great - can't wait to browse through it.

    Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have questions when making your tailcoat - I don't promise to have an answer, but I'm happy to try!

  3. I can't wait to see the waistcoat when you're finished! I've been looking at picking up that pattern, so it will be nice to hear what you think of it.