Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crazy Regency Collars!

There is a great variety of collars in Regency era coats, and I think it's an opportunity for the wearer to express his personality. For civilian coats, the collar should be wide and turnback, but there are a great many choices of collar shape, point shape, and even fabric.

Here is a sampling of coats, mostly from the Victoria & Albert museum collection. Note the variety of collar options! 
French Tailcoat c.1800
High Turndown Collar & Wide Revers/Lapels
Hunting Coat c.1815
Wide Self Fabric Collar with "M" Shape
Velvet Collar with Peak Lapel
Self Fabric Collar c.1815
Detail of "Thrush's Tongue" or "Lark's Tongue" Collar from above coat

Searching museum collections online is relatively new for me - I've only spent a little time looking at the V&A, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a couple others. If you have a favorite collection or search method, please share!

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