Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Regency House Party

I've just finished watching Regency House Party, which was a reality dating show on the BBC, set in a Manor House in 1815. I had read really terrible reviews of this show (everyone says it didn't stack up to the the others in the series, the dating aspect was cheesy and the people are trite, etc.), but with all the hand-sewing (couch-sitting) to do right now, I thought it would be fun to watch.

Okay, so it's pretty trite. The personalities are a little annoying, but nothing as bad as Real Housewives. And they don't talk much in detail about clothes (although they did show male stockings with padded calfs and how to twist your shirttail for a little extra help down *there*), but it was a fun show if you don't expect perfect historic accuracy. And one of the benefits of imperfect accuracy in their behavior is that the men go around coatless a good deal of the time, so you can see more of the clothes, and from all angles since reality TV isn't all close-ups and blocked shots. And the men's clothes are pretty darn awesome.

It was an interesting watch, but I'm glad I got it from Netflix instead of buying it. And now I really want to go on an English house party vacation. And attend some sort of historic dinner party that only has candlelight, no electricity. But will we have to use chamberpots?


  1. Ha. I like it, but the people are irritating. I think they cast them that way on purpose for more drama. I actually liked watching them men more than the women... the women were complaining all.the.time.
    Loved the Gothic night, though. I think I know what I'll watch today... :)

  2. This series was interesting, but I found the whingeing of the young ladies very annoying, too.
    The idea was for them to be transported back to a Regency houseparty, but they were 20th century people who could not leave their 20th century mindset behind, and try to become Regency in their ways...hence the moaning about everything.